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As well as providing a secure infrastructure in a cost effective way IT can offer many opportunities for an organisation. Every new technology should be evaluated

  • Does it offer a solution to be an existing problem?
  • Does it enable us to work smarter or cheaper?
  • Can it deliver a competitive advantage?
The technology evaluation will not occur naturally. Management instinct is to address problems or improve processes by first defining a new process and then looking to technology to help implement it, perhaps only discovering at this late stage that new technology can deliver something better still. The approach should be to assess technical advantages as they occur and proactively review procedures. This requires close cooperation between the IT and Communications department and all other departments within the organisation. This culture needs to exist at all levels, from board to shop floor. It is not an exaggeration to say that the extent of this cooperation directly affects the success or otherwise of the organisation.
Role of IT - Implementation of new technology

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